the yellow method

Yellow’s team of psychologists and creative leaders have developed our science-based method through years of research, testing and practical application in corporate environments, educational establishments, and innovation ecosystems.

Elements of Creative Performance

The journey to elevated creative performance spans creative identity, curiosity, optimal flow, and the positives of risk-taking.

Creative identity is the root of all creative activity

Everyone behaves in ways that are consistent with their identity. It defines whether you embrace opportunities, keep marching on when the going gets tough, and can ultimately demonstrate higher creative performance.

The itch of curiosity and the benefits of being a rebel

Novelty seeking, thrill-seeking, emotional, intellectual, and physical exploration are all traits that show you’re curious about yourself, others, and the world around you. So what holds you back? How can you be encouraged to learn new things and seek out novel experiences? By developing curiosity in your everyday life and work, through specific behaviours and attitudes. Because curious souls make creative minds.

Flow in work, is a state of grace

Flow is the highly focused mental state that top-of-their game artists and athletes aspire to. It’s conducive to creativity, wellbeing, performance and optimal experience. You can’t simply just jump into the flow but using the Yellow Method you can create the conditions to recognise and access this state of feeling strong, alert, unselfconscious and at your peak.

Feeling good and responding well around risk

Whilst society often emphasises the negatives or loss associated with risk taking, successful adventurers, artists and entrepreneurs approach or seek risk for psychological and performance gains. We believe creativity is enhanced with a more risk embracing approach to problem solving and innovation, and the Yellow Method trains you to effectively negotiate the challenges and rewards that risk-taking brings.

The Yellow Method


We analyse your company’s creative potential


We provide training to make your teams and people more creative


We mentor your people to lead in creativity


We analyse your company’s creative potential.

We gather information about the creativity of your people with a personal survey.
Every person receives a creativity analysis in the form of a creativity score.
This information gives valuable insight into people’s current performance and helps us design the best possible training and learning experience.


The training sessions are designed to meet your company’s specific needs. Across three training modules, we explain the relevant science and theory whilst maximising the usefulness and applicability of the Yellow Method. During training, people grow their individual and collective creative performance.

01. Creative Self
We explore your individual identities and tease out your meaning and purposes from these identities. Determining what makes work meaningful for you and what supports your sense of self.
02. Creative Process
We create a practical learning experience for the different stages of innovation enabling creative performance to grow. We undercover simple yet powerful tools and strategies that can be applied effectively in teams and individually.
03. Creative Leadership
We explore what kind of culture allows people to perform creatively at their best. We examine different leadership styles and behaviours that will drive your organisation to continuously experiment, learn, grow, and ultimately succeed.


We mentor your people to lead in creativity.

We select people in your organisation to be mentored in creativity.
They will be guided to helping others in the company to develop their elements of creative performance.
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