We are an analytics and training company with a science-based method to enhance your company’s creative performance.

Elevated creative performance has positive impact on these growth objectives.


The Ability to Foster Innovation


Exceptional Talent and Leadership


Future Operational Value

Creativity is the capability to solve problems by producing novel and useful ideas.
Creativity can be trained, practised and grown.


We analyse your company’s creative potential

Our science-based survey and thematic analysis gives you actionable information and a creativity score for your organisation

We provide training to make your teams and people more creative

They learn what makes them creative, how to collaborate smarter and how to keep themselves and the team in a creative flow

We mentor your people to lead in creativity

They have access to 1-to-1 training and become leaders of the method in your company moving forwards

“The Yellow method was reviewed as one of the most impactful programs for innovation and entrepreneurship at our university.”
Philippe Galland
Head of Digital Programs | CREA, Geneva