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Our product is a science-based, data-driven tool to harness your organisation’s creativity so that it can grow and embrace change.

Develop your creativity

The tool offers you knowledge about your creative performance, your strengths and interferences as well as inspiring exercises to develop your creativity. It is built on a science-based survey, and the exercises are individualised based on your survey results.

Develop your organisation’s creativity

The tool offers your organisation a science-based assessment of its culture to map how effectively it enables and harnesses the creativity of its people for growth, and embracing change.

Choose the plan





  • Unlimited access to individual survey
  • Unlimited access to individual analysis to develop your creativity
  • Unlimited access to organisational survey
  • Data-driven analysis and recommendation to develop organisational creativity
  • Development plan with exercises to develop individual and organisational creativity
  • Tech support and customer service
  • Access to tailored onboarding and training sessions
  • Tailored data-driven insight and Action plan workshop for leadership