Developing creativity strengthens your organisation’s competitiveness

Creativity is an ability that can be used to improve competitiveness for businesses, develop solutions to societal challenges, and build wellbeing for people. With creativity, we produce innovations, find better ways of doing things, and achieve personal fulfilment.

Creativity comes from individuals, teams, and organisations. However, creative performance does not grow by itself; it requires practise and care as well as resources and frameworks. Investing in creativity is investing in innovation.

Our Method
Working with psychologists and scientists, we have developed a science-based method that combines years of research with practical leadership experience.

Our method consists of analysing organisational creativity at three levels. Based on this analysis, we propose a set of measures to develop and manage your organisation’s creativity. We can continue to guide you on your organisation’s transformation journey with consultation services for your management and teams. 

Elements of individual creative performance
Individual creative performance refers to an individual’s ability to harness their creativity and operate at their creative best. Creative performance consists of five elements – identity, drive, curiosity, insightfulness, and confidence.

Creative identity is the cornerstone of a person’s creative attitude and behaviour, and it guides them to seek creative ways to solve problems. Drive refers to motivation and a forward-thinking mindset. Curiosity is the desire to discover new or unusual things. Insightfulness is about our inner creative thought process and how we use it. Confidence reflects our belief in ourselves – the courage needed to act and move forward.

Creativity as a strategic competitive factor
Creativity is not a value in itself but a means to achieve organisational goals. In organisations, creativity should, therefore, be linked to identifying and solving problems relevant to the business and organisational culture. Properly managed, creativity is a source of competitiveness, wellbeing, and meaningfulness. 

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