Science-based. Data driven. Results focused.

Creativity is an ability that can be used to improve competitiveness for businesses, develop solutions to societal challenges, and build wellbeing for people. With creativity, we produce innovations, find better ways of doing things, and achieve personal fulfillment.

Creativity comes from individuals, teams, and organisations. However, creative performance does not grow by itself; it requires practise and care as well as resources and frameworks. Investing in creativity is investing in innovation.

Our Method

Working with psychologists and scientists, we have developed a science-based method that combines years of research with leadership experience.

Its starts with our innovative and proprietary data driven tool that enables creativity to be identified, analysed, optimised and managed just like other parts of your business – and its impact measured.

It consists of analysing creativity at three levels – individual, team, and organisational. Based on this analysis, a set of measures is proposed to develop and manage your organisation’s creative performance.

Creativity as a Strategic Competitive Factor

Creativity is not a value in itself but a means to achieving organisational goals. When properly developed and managed, creativity can play a critical role in driving business growth by fostering innovation, problem solving, adaptability, and employee and customer satisfaction.

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