Creative Working Life 2030 is a project that delves into Finnish creativity, its resources, and ways to strengthen them. It aims to support both individuals and communities in understanding and harnessing creativity. Yellow Method is a creativity expert in the project. Other partners include Marketing Finland, Technology Industries of Finland, and Aalto University, to name a few examples.

National survey reveals teh current state of creativity
Launched in spring 2022, the project is divided into three phases, the
first of which explores creativity at the individual level through a survey conducted by Yellow Method. The survey will provide respondents with individualised information on creative performance, its potential, and its interferences.

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Report on Finns’ creative performance

Organizational culture has a huge impact on creativity

According to the research we carried out in the fall of 2022, the greatest strength of Finnish organizations is in the atmosphere and self-direction, while the most significant distraction factor is the lack of time and funds resourced for creativity. 16 organizations and more than 600 employees from various industries participated in the study.

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Finns' creativity is insight

We mapped the creative performance of individuals with a survey, which was answered by more than 3,000 Finns in the summer of 2022. According to our research, the level of creative performance varies greatly between different industries, age groups and educational levels. Finns' creativity is threatened by a lack of self-confidence, while the greatest potential lies in our insight.

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ORGANISAtions on their way to creativity
Launching in autumn 2022, the second phase of the project concentrates on exploring creativity at the organisational level. Based on the results, Yellow Method will help organisations identify their creativity and develop operational and management models to support it. The project is led by MARK Suomen Markkinointiliitto ry and facilitated by Yellow Method. Around 20 Finnish organisations from different sectors are involved in the project.

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